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The My Nikon Life community has turned 10!

We couldn’t have done it without you. We’ve held thousands of workshops, met tens of thousands of you and have been inspired by the nearly one million images you’ve shared on #mynikonlife.

Introducing, 10 Years. 10 Genres. As captured by you.

Introducing the Ten Years Together Competition.

You’ve told us what you love shooting, now it’s time we reward you for it.

To celebrate ten years of My Nikon Life, we’re running a competition - 10 years, 10 genres, as captured by you. 

Exclusive to our My Nikon Life community, our Ten Years Together Competition is encouraging members to share their favourite shots captured on Nikon equipment over the last decade.

Entries open from the 28th of September and close on the 31st of October.

Finalists will be announced in mid-November, with the 10 category winners announced Friday the 26th of November.



Out of this world where wonder and the unknown collide.


A nod to mother nature's greatest creation.


Subject you; a portrait with a focus on you.


Capturing excitement in the heat of the moment.

Short Video

Director's choice of a director's cut.


Swish and swirl, from dusk to dawn.


Where the wild things are, living and breathing.

Live Music

Where the heart beats to the rhythm of the music.


Trends ignite with hints of flare.


Taking close and personal to a whole new level.

Judging Panel

A panel of judges are ready to see your best photography and videography work over the last decade. Some of their overall criteria will be originality, artistic merit, technical skill, creativity and sensory impact.

Astro: Heesoo Chung @chungy_photos

Heesoo Chung is a landscape photographer based in Sydney Australia. After picking up his first camera in 2016, Heesoo combined his love of exploration and photography together and fell in love with landscape photography. This quickly led to him exploring the genre of astrophotography. The star gazing, the slow and focused meditative state, the pre-visualising, planning and successfully executing complicated images are some of his favourite things about astrophotography.

The rush and satisfaction of finally seeing the image he's had in his head for ages is so addictive. Heesoo is looking forward to seeing your version of those images….the ones that drive you, the ones that brought you the same kind of joy and satisfaction.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for originality, artistic merit and technical skill. We want to see your best star trail, super moon and milky way shots. For those a little more advanced, share your best deep sky images. It can be anything and everything, as long as it is space related and is shot on the same session / day.

Astro - Heesoo Chung @chungy_photos | Nikon Australia

Landscape: Elle Chen-Hooley @elleidau

Elle Chen-Hooley is a travel and landscape photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Growing up in Australia, Elle has always been fascinated by the world around her - particularly the ever changing elements of nature. This wonder combined with a curiosity to discover all she could have brought an inevitable desire to capture this beautiful world through photography. Elle strives to share with others the splendour and emotions of the natural world through the images that she creates and to inspire people to get out and explore the beauty our world has to offer.

Elle's images have been published by Nikon Australia, Nikon Asia, The Epoch Times, NTD Television and have worked with commercial brands such as LG Australia,, K&F Concept and Maui Motorhomes.

Elle currently uses a Nikon D750 camera and Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED prime lens for her landscape shots.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for composition and visual appeal through colour, lighting, exposure and focus. Go through your archives and share your best travel shots; perhaps you captured the Northern Lights or took a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. Whether your image is natural or urban, of land or ocean, enter your best outdoor scenes. Tell us the story behind your image.

Landscape - Elle Chen-Hooley @elleidau | Nikon Australia

Portrait: Bobbi Lockyer @bobbilockyer

Bobbi Lockyer is a Ngarluma, Karriyarra, Yawuru, Nyulnyu woman born and raised in Port Hedland. Bobbi works with a variety of art mediums including traditional painting, digital illustration, graphic design and photography. Bobbi is a mother of four boys and her children are her biggest inspiration. Her strong family connections to land, ocean, people and health are embedded in her work.

Her maternal grandmothers personal story of her Stolen Generations experience underlies her love for maternal and country and her great grandfather's story of social activism and fight for country during WW2 gives her determination and pride. Feature articles have described her work as ground breaking, revolutionary and artistic. She draws the natural ability and instincts and strengths from her grassroots Aboriginal community.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for creativity and technical excellence as well as expression of emotion and visual appeal. From your favourite family memory to one you've captured on a photoshoot we want to see your best portrait, and remember, these can be of your furry friends too.

Portrait - Bobbi Lockyer @bobbilockyer | Nikon Australia

Action: Jasin Boland @jasinboland

Jasin Boland is one of Hollywood's premier motion picture still photographers who's worked on films such as Mulan, Extraction, Mad Max Fury Road, Thor Ragnarok, Aquaman, Ghost in the Shell, The Bourne Films, James Bonds Skyfall, Spectre No Time to Die, Captain Phillips, Everest and the Matrix to name a few. Jasin's work has been published in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and movie posters all around the world.

Australian born Jasin is an Ambassador for Nikon, BlackRapid and VP International of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for how you capture the excitement in the heat of the moment; from the winning goal in a grand final to a dirt bike rider performing a difficult trick, judges will be looking for your most motion filled image.

Action - Jasin Boland @jasinboland | Nikon Australia

Short Video: Jason Lee @jasonminilee

Creative Director and in-house photographer and videographer of Men's Health magazine since 2006, Jason Lee has shot the who's who of the Health and Fitness industry and brands including Kayla Itsines, Rich Froning and Under Armour. Having started his Nikon journey with a D5100 before moving on to D600 and D750 bodies, he currently shoots Z6 and Z6II for their extensive video features. When he's not art directing the glossy pages of Men's Health, you'll find him at the box churning out Power Snatches and talking about CrossFit to anyone who'll care to listen

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for how you tell a compelling story with visual appeal and attention to detail. What you film is up to you as long as it's short and sweet, and your short video can contain subject matter relevant to any of the other 9 categories.

Short Video - Jason Lee @jasonminilee | Nikon Australia

Surf: Stephanie Gilmore @stephaniegilmore

Undoubtedly one of the world's most stylish surfers Nikon Brand Ambassador, Stephanie Gilmore entered the professional surfing scene in 2007 - winning four of the eight events and claiming the WSL world title in her rookie year. She has dominated ever since, winning seven world titles so far. Stephanie spends her days away from the tour travelling the globe, exploring new waves, cities and beaches, photographing her adventures and playing her many guitars. Stephanie led the WSL to achieve equal pay for women - one of the first international sporting organisations to do so. She's an advocate for ocean health and loves to spend time with the next generation of surfers at initiatives such as the 'Rising Tides' WSL tour event.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for dramatic affect. Show us your best summer filled images of surfers riding the waves, massive swells and glowing golden hour moments. Whether you braved the waves with your camera or if you snapped a shot from the shore, the judges will be looking to see the power of the ocean.

Surf - Stephanie Gilmore @stephaniegilmore | Nikon Australia

Wildlife: Charles Davis @charlesdavisphotography

Acclaimed multi-award-winning photographer, Charles Davis, captures images that make you long for misty alpine mornings, snow-capped mountains and Australian wilderness steeped in natural history.

His work is a rare insight into Australia's shy, and beautiful creatures as you may have never seen them before.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for visually compelling and impactful images of animals in their natural habitats, whether it be in the sky, underwater or somewhere in between.

Wildlife - Charles Davis @charlesdavisphotography | Nikon Australia

Live Music: Michelle Grace Hunder @michelleghunder

With a decade of experience, Michelle Grace Hunder has two separate series in the National Sound and Film Archive of Australia and is considered one of the most revered Australian Music Photographers.

After the 2015 release of her highly anticipated photographic book “RISE”, a detailed insight of her personal journey into the world of Australian Hip-Hop, both Australian and international artists began requesting her talents to photograph both live performances and portrait images, used for press, publicity and album covers.

Joining the creative team that is responsible for the visual representation of Australian artist Ruel, the last few years has seen Michelle produce all of the press shots, album and single covers and all live performances for the young musical prodigy.

Michelle also live streams photography workshops, interviews and follower challenges on Twitch, three times a week.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for visual impact. Show us a moment you captured that really communicates the feeling of what it was like to be at that show. Transport the judges back to a moment of fun with your compelling story telling.

Live Music - Michelle Grace Hunder @michelleghunder | Nikon Australia

Fashion: Stef King @stefkingphoto

Stef King is a multi-award-winning fashion, beauty, editorial and advertising photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Her work regularly appears in local and international magazines, advertisements and media campaigns.

Stef's personable, relaxed demeanour, combined with her ability to bring out the inner strength and beauty in her subject, has made her one of WA's most favourite advertising and editorial photographers. Today she has photographed some of Australia's best and brightest talents, from politicians and celebrities to athletes and supermodels to everyday people making positive global change.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for an impeccable sense of style and a narrative portrayed through visual appeal. Whether its candidly captured street fashion or a catalogue image you took for a magazine shoot, submit your most stylish image.

Fashion - Stef King @stefkingphoto | Nikon Australia

Macro: Aaron Molenkamp @nightfall_photography

Meet Aaron Molenkamp from Nightfall Photography. Aaron specialises in macro photography, especially in-flight subject. Our Promotion captures, showcasing the beauty that can be found in the macro world. He is a semi-professional photographer and a Nikon School Lecturer. Aaron has had his work featured with BBC Earth, Australian Geographic & Nikon, and published with some of the leading photography wildlife magazines.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for visually striking images with exemplary detail, clarity, colour and composition. From gruesome insects to serene flora, the judges want to see your best close up image of a tiny subject.

Macro - Aaron Molenkamp @nightfall_photography | Nikon Australia
Landscape - Elle Chen-Hooley @elleidau | Nikon Australia
Landscape: Elle Chen-Hooley
Portrait - Bobbi Lockyer @bobbilockyer | Nikon Australia
Portrait: Bobbi Lockyer
Action - Jasin Boland @jasinboland | Nikon Australia
Action: Jasin Boland
Short Video - Jason Lee @jasonminilee | Nikon Australia
Short Video: Jason Lee
Surf - Stephanie Gilmore @stephaniegilmore | Nikon Australia
Surf: Stephanie Gilmore
Wildlife - Charles Davis @charlesdavisphotography | Nikon Australia
Wildlife: Charles Davis
Live Music - Michelle Grace Hunder @michelleghunder | Nikon Australia
Live Music: Michelle Grace Hunder
Fashion - Stef King @stefkingphoto | Nikon Australia
Fashion: Stef King
Macro - Aaron Molenkamp @nightfall_photography | Nikon Australia
Macro: Aaron Molenkamp
Astro - Heesoo Chung @chungy_photos | Nikon Australia
Astro: Heesoo Chung


Together Alone

Category: Astro | Judge: Heeso Chung

by Casey Flynn

Judge's Testimonial

This epic panorama of the far south coast of NSW has it all. Technical execution, visual impact, solid composition, strong colour management and separation and a commitment to getting the shot. The added human element serves nicely as framing to balance out the composition and keeps the eye in the centre of the image where the bright star/planet is. The night sky is full of detail yet clean, the colour management of the sky and presumably the use of an astro modded sensor creates awesome colour separation to really draw out elements such as stars, nebula and air glow. The foreground is crisp and sharp with minimal noise, has excellent shadow detail but is also kept just subdued enough to keep it interesting but not distracting. Amazing work, I would be proud to have a piece of work like this in my portfolio!


Category: Landscape | Judge: Elle Chen-Hooley

by Joanna Borgiel

Judge's Testimonial

I chose this image because of the intricate layers of textures and light captured, with the focus on the people at the end of the mountain roads as they enjoy the vista before them. This image not only showcases the photographer's technical skills in colour, texture, composition and light, but also their ability to tell a visual story - an excellent representation of celebrating the 10 year journey of My Nikon Life. Congratulations Nikon, and congratulations to the photographer!

Day Dreamer

Category: Portrait | Judge: Bobbi Lockyer

by Stuart Peterson

Judge's Testimonial

I am drawn to this image because of the story it tells. I particularly like how the contrasted lighting in this photograph highlights the striking details in his face and eyes which is visually powerful. The subject in this portrait looks like he has a lot of stories to tell and has a certain mystery to him.


Category: Action | Judge: Jasin Boland

by Tony Graziani

Judge's Testimonial

It has always been in my top 3 but each time I took another pass I wanted to look deeper into the frame. It’s a great action shot but equally important great storytelling, like a scene from a James Bond movie. I think at times as photographers we don’t think of how powerful our images are in invoking emotion and intrigue. I want to know the story of what the pilot is escaping from. The plane flying to the top right corner and the smoke barreling towards the bottom left corner as the pilot makes an intense getaway from the explosion, it’s just beautiful framing setting up the story! Honestly if I delivered an image like this on one of the big action films I work on you would see it used in every marketing campaign across the world! This shot simply takes my breath away every time I look at it!

dear nan

Category: Short Video | Judge: Jason Lee

by Taylor Yates

Judge's Testimonial

Incredible sound design to open the clip with the lighter and the flickering effect - immediately grabbed my attention. Very emotive soundtrack which perfectly suits the theme of how much he misses his nan. Perfect warm white balance to suit the background and great earthy tones with the colour grading. The depth of the field on the closeups of the ferns and turning of the pages really grabs your attention with effective story-telling - also shows great shooting technique. The excellent sound design continues with the tearing of the pages, the coffee mug and the stickiness of the wax stamp. The composition of the overhead flat lay of the letter is very eye pleasing and well thought out. Overall, it had me glued for the entire duration and made me think of my own nan with a little lump in my throat. What a tear jerker!

Holding On

Category: Surf | Judge: Stephanie Gilmore

by Lynn Stephens-Tait

Judge's Testimonial

I love this image because I spent hours as a kid doing exactly this. If we weren’t surfing at Snapper we were in this ‘Barrel Machine’ basically trying to re-create a tube ride by standing next to a rock and waiting for the waves to wash over the rocks. It’s super dangerous but with a couple of friends it’s so much fun! The wetsuit colours and the size of the wave makes this shot awesome!

Against All Odds

Category: Wildlife | Judge: Charles Davis

by Hannah Le Leu

Judge's Testimonial

I have seen many over-under photos of baby turtles but this one was so much more. The feeling of vulnerability created by the circling birds and the massive raindrops coming down is very powerful. These extra elements are hard to introduce into an image but the photographer has done just that and truly created a story with emotion and a longing to know if that little bitty turtle made it out of the shallows into the wider ocean to go live a long turtle life.

Vintage Trouble

Category: Live Music | Judge: Michelle Grace Hunder

by Rebecca Houlden

Judge's Testimonial

This image encapsulates the dynamic nature of the performance and the aim of Live Music Photography is to be able to capture this. I think this photographer does the perfect job of doing this and it’s a very impressive capture.

Toni Maticevski - The Elegant Rebel

Category: Fashion | Judge: Stef King

by Mauro Palmieri

Judge's Testimonial

A brilliantly composed, thought out photograph. This image is technically spot on with straight clean lines in the studio set, lovely lighting and exceptional exposure on the model's skin and muscles. The image sings to a fashion category as even though the garments look like Grecian gowns you can tell in the fabrics that it's modern-day fashion design. The use of movement and interesting positioning of the models creates energy and movement reminiscent of Grecian gods, with a modern twist.

Hairy Craylette

Category: Macro | Judge: Aaron Molenkamp

by Neil Vincent

Judge's Testimonial

The small world of macro photography is amazing. This particular image that I’ve chosen has all my macro rules in place, first of all it’s so striking, a real head turner. The detail is amazing, colour and the composition is top notch. I really love the depth-of-field shown here, from the front to the back it has outstanding sharpness, a wonderful capture and deserves my highest praise. Congratulations!

Competition Prizes

1x Winner from each category

Winners will receive an exclusive My Nikon Life prize package including:

  • Nikon Z 6
  • NIKKOR Z 24 - 70mm f/4 S
  • FTZ Adaptor

1x Runner up from each category

Runners up will receive:

  • $300 Patagonia voucher

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Ten Years Together Competition: Runners-Up

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