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Optical Masterpieces: DSLR Camera Lenses

See your world through renowned NIKKOR DSLR lenses


NIKKOR lenses are born from a tradition of elite craftsmanship and a pursuit of optical perfection more than 80 years in the making. The highest attention to detail is paid to every aspect of every lens that bears the name NIKKOR.

Over 80 years of excellence

Through every era of imaging, NIKKOR’s commitment to integrity, reliability and outstanding craftsmanship has never wavered.

State-of-the-art technology

NIKKOR lenses employ the world’s most advanced optical technologies to push the potential of lenses to unprecedented heights.

The choice of professionals

The world’s most renowned photographers trust NIKKOR lenses for their superior performance and reliability in the field.

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NIKKOR lenses for every subject


A great camera is only as good as the lens you’ve chosen. Unlock your creative vision and your camera’s full potential with over 90 NIKKOR lenses–each optimized to deliver stunning results across a variety of applications.

People & Events

Travel & Landscape

Sports & Action 

Nature & Wildlife

Macro & Closeup

People & Events

Special Purpose

80 Years of NIKKOR

It all started with a single lens. The rest is history.


Lens Technology

Find out what goes into making world-renowned NIKKOR lenses.


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