Capture Our Great Australian Light with Z. 

With a diverse landscape influenced by sea, wilderness, rainforest and desert, Australia is home to some of the most spectacular light in the world. Capture Australia’s striking landmarks, people and surrounds with the Nikon Z Series, powered by the Z mount, the largest full-frame mirrorless mount on the market.

Unlock the future with the power of light. 

Explore Australia’s natural glow through the lens of photographers and vloggers across the country. From sunrises to sunsets, and all moments in between, see what’s possible to capture on Z Series. 

The key to more light. 

With the Z mount’s 55m-diameter, you can capture more light across the entire frame to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness, even at the maximum aperture. Designed for the ultimate imaging experience, the Z mount can absorb abundant light for even more breathtaking still and video opportunities.

Rian Cope 

"To me, the Great Australian Light is how it intertwines so effortlessly with the incredibly varied and beautiful landscapes we are lucky to have here in Australia. With over 300 days of sunshine in Queensland, light is part of our D.N.A, and I can think of no better way to kickstart your day than with an ocean sunrise.

I've been moving over to the Z series bodies with my work and there are so many standout features for me. The Electronic ViewFinder (EVF) allows me to adjust my settings effortlessly when capturing those candid unplanned moments, the wide open Z mount just allows for so much more light to hit the sensor, and the overall lighter body weight helps make shooting such a pleasure."

Rainbow Beach, QLD

"I chose Carlo Sand Blow for its unique formations and the perspective it gives over Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point at sunrise. The towering coloured sands and moonlike landscape are unlike any natural wonder I've seen."

Anton Kollo

"Great Australian Light for me means the beauty, the strength and the excellence of the landscape, the culture, and the people of Australia.

To be very honest, the Z fc made my job much easier. It’s always a pleasure to shoot with the Z fc. I am a big fan of the Z fc autofocus system; it’s very responsive! Also, the fact that Nikon Z fc was so light was a big plus for me."


The National Arboretom, ACT 

"As someone who’s been living in Canberra for quiet sometimes now, I couldn’t choose a much better location to showcase the Great Australian Light. The view from the National Arboretum is breathtaking. In my opinion, it is the best spot in Canberra to watch the sunrise or to enjoy the sunset."

Heesoo Chung 

"To me the Great Australian Light is the kind of light that makes you stop in awe while exploring the Australian landscape. It's the kind of light that makes a bookmark in your memories as you think back to the adventures you've had.

Shooting with a Z series is a dream. There's a whole lot of awesome that goes on with my Z that makes it perfect for my style of shooting. Some of the standouts are - the small/compact size, great weather sealing, amazing lens selection, super high image quality, broad dynamic range and that perfectly shaped familiar Nikon hand grip."

Blue Mountains, NSW

"I've probably made hundreds of trips to the Blue Mountains by now, I've become so familiar with the area they've really started to feel like home. There's just something special about the mountains and I wanted to show you a small snippet of that."

Michelle Grace Hunder

"The Great Australian Light means warmth, gorgeous earthy tones and just a beautiful feeling of this land we live on that's even hard to describe.

From the very first time I shot with a Z 6, it just felt like the most intuitive camera I have ever used. I'm not a technical shooter at all, so something that feels right, easy to use and delivers high quality imagery are the things I am interested in. I shoot using the LCD screen rather than the viewfinder, something I never thought I would do, but the fact it shows you the results of your settings in live view is game changing. It's so much quicker and means you can shoot fast and keep it moving!"

Jawbone Reserve, VIC

"This location is right near where I live and I knew I had a good chance of getting good light on the day. We actually went out an hour before sunset and it was overcast, but I had a gut feeling we would get the last light of the day and we did! Literally 5 minutes of the last light, the most beautiful sunset shot through and made these images just perfect!"

Bobbi Lockyer

"The Great Australian Light means to me definitely sunsets and golden light. I love how vibrant our sky lights up at sunset and being in the Pilbara it's a 360 degree view of the entire sky lighting up and changing colours at sunset.

I love the Z series camera body, it feels light but sturdy. The viewfinder is amazing however since switching to Z series I love using the LCD screen to frame and shoot my photography which allows me more maneuverability as well."

Six Mile Beach, WA

"I chose this location to make the most of the sunset, the rocks are slightly elevated giving more of an open sky and the landscape is quite typical of the Pilbara."

Lucy Champion

"Whenever I think of Great Australian Light, my mind instantly turns to our beautiful landscapes. I have always loved the amount of variety we are lucky enough to live amongst, from white, sandy beaches to rugged and wild mountain ranges. These landscapes are even more special when painted with the beautiful light that we all know and love as Australians. 

I absolutely love shooting with my Z series cameras. They’re quick, easy to use, reliable and create sharp images."

Cradle Mountain National Park, TAS

"Cradle Mountain holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. It’s remarkably beautiful in all seasons and weather conditions, but extra special on a perfectly still morning as the sun rises over the mountains. This particular spot is my favourite lookout in the National park and a relatively easy up hill climb in the dark. It was the first location that popped into mind when I heard the project was about the Great Australian Light."

Nikki Bingham

"When I moved to Bondi from London, I was captivated by the light around the coast at sunrise, and it inspired me to buy my first DSLR (a Nikon D3000). The light here is so unique, unlike anywhere else in the world.


I love my Z 7II. The reason I got it was because of how light, but powerful it is. It's high dynamic range makes shooting high contrast scenes like this so much easier, and the 45MP files are great for printing."

Bondi Beach, NSW

"Bondi is so iconic, and the light at sunrise is always so good. There's always so much going on, even before the sun has risen and I love capturing the comings and goings of the local community as they start their day. It's also the place that I started my photography career so it means a lot to me personally."

Rocco Ancora


"In Australia, we are blessed with beautiful light, from the bright strong direct sunlight creating deep shadows full of mood and drama to the beautiful soft pastel-like nature of a sunrise or the deep warm tones of a sunset. Over the years I have learned how to work with all aspects of our great Australian light it and embrace all that it has to offer.

I was totally blown away by Z 9’s unparalleled autofocus and ISO performance. The camera is super responsive and delivers incredible image quality. In your hand, it feels ergonomically Nikon and balanced making it a joy to shoot on long assignments. The camera’s high level of customisation and ergonomic position of controls allowed me to quickly adapt to changing conditions almost becoming an extension of my creative thoughts."

Melbourne, VIC

"I wanted a location that showcased the interesting light created by direct sunlight and is part of Melbourne culture. It doesn't get more Melbourne than its Laneways. Full of character and home to some of the best restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, Melbourne's laneways for me have always been a treasure of interesting backgrounds and amazing light to work with."

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    More power. More speed.
    More possibilities.
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  • Mirrorless z7 Camera | Nikon Australia Mirrorless z7 Camera Logo | Nikon Australia
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  • Mirrorless z7ii Camera | Nikon Australia Mirrorless z7ii Camera Logo | Nikon Australia
    Intensive details.
    Extraordinary results.
    • 45.7 MP BSI (full frame)
    • Dual EXPEED 6 processors
    • 10 FPS
    • CFexpress / XQD and SD card slots
    • Vertical battery grip support
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  • Nikon z9 Mirrorless Camera | Nikon Australia Nikon z9 Mirrorless Camera Logo | Nikon Australia
    • 45.7MP Stacked CMOS (full frame)
    • 120 FPS
    • EXPEED 7 processor
    • Dual CFexpress / XQD card slots
    • 3D Tracking Autofocus
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*As of October 14, 2020. Based on Nikon research. 

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