Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021 announces the Grand Prize Winners

Winning works will be exhibited around the world

Sydney, Australia – 22 September 2021 – Nikon Australia is proud to announce the winners of the Grand Prize awards for each category of the Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021. The winners were selected from the Excellence Awards and announced at the online awards ceremony held on September 17th.

Winners of the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Special Encouragement Awards were selected from 65,062 entries received from approximately 26,000 people across 150 countries and regions around the world. Additionally, two works were recipients of the Nikon’s Selection Award, chosen by Nikon employees.

From among the entrants that received Excellence Awards, the Grand Prize recipients for each category were selected. The recipient of the Grand Prize for the photo competition was a piece titled “Radiance”, entered by Amin Nazari (Islamic Republic of Iran) from the Open Category, while the Grand Prize for the short film competition recipient was a piece titled “Escaping from Karma”, entered by REI KURODA (Japan) from the Next Generation category. The videos of the online awards ceremony will be released on the Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021 website at the beginning of October.

“What amazed me was the number and quality of the entries that were submitted, despite the pandemic and the personal challenges it brought upon everyone. With these entries, we saw a wide range of perspectives from across of the world. We saw very different, private points of view, to ideas and feelings that were more universal — there was a lot of reflection of personal narratives. We saw some very moving, highly emotional entries this year that stunned the judges — images of personal suffering, and of beauty, of captured lives, of joy, and of magic. It’s been an extremely difficult year for every individual, and to create entries that somehow communicate these challenges shows that photography and video are very powerful tools to capture these narratives.” Lead Judge, Neville Brody, on Nikon Photo Contest 2021-2021.

Grand Prize winner of the photo competition

“Radiance” by Amin Nazari (Islamic Republic of Iran)


The senior citizen captured in this work was admitted to Razi Hospital in Ahvaz, Iran, in order to receive treatment for COVID-19. Throughout Iran, many people were infected and there were fatalities every day. The virus has caused serious problems in several facets of society, affecting social interactions, employment and education.

Grand Prize winner of the short film competition

“Escaping from Karma” by REI KURODA (Japan)

*images are captured from a part of the film


The theme of this entry is liberation from the various constrictions of society, while also touching upon the subjects of feminism, race, and nationality. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about drastic changes to everyone’s lives. People found themselves unable to count on what was previously taken for granted, and what was previously believed to be unwavering became increasingly uncertain. This film was created based on the notion that perhaps, liberation exists in the transformation of, or escape from, the colossal systems that have been built into place.

Worldwide street exhibition

Shibuya, Tokyo: Conceptual image

New York: Conceptual image

London: Conceptual image

The winning pieces will be showcased at the Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021 Street Exhibition, taking place in Tokyo, New York and London. During the exhibition period, works will be viewable at a number of locations in each city. The exhibition will start in Shibuya, Tokyo, lasting from October 5th to October 18th, moving on to New York for October 18th to October 31st. The final exhibition will be held in London from November 1st to November 14th.

An online exhibition will be held on the Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021 website as well, beginning on October 5th.

About Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Corporation has been proud to host the Nikon Photo Contest — one of the world’s largest photography competitions — for over 50 years, since its inception in 1969. Visit the Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021 website here for further information on winning works and the street exhibitions.

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