Nikon Releases New Firmware Ver.1.1.0 of the NX Field Remote Shooting System for Professional Agencies

Additional support provided in remote operation, focus and interval timer shooting, with features such as silent photography

Sydney Australia -  Nikon Australia is pleased to announce that firmware Ver. 1.1.0 of NX Field, a remote shooting system for professional agencies, has been released today. This update adds support for the Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7, and Z 6, Nikon’s full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless cameras[1].

With firmware Ver. 1.1.0, remote operation of the silent shooting function, that is unique to mirrorless cameras, is enabled and these remote cameras can be used even in places and situations that require silent operation, such as concert halls and chess matches. Face- and Eye-detection autofocus (AF), featured in Nikon mirrorless cameras, is also supported for easier and smoother focus on the subject's face and eyes during remote shooting. Furthermore, the focus points positioned throughout a broad area of the frame make it easy to acquire focus on subjects that are positioned at the edges of the frame for more flexibility in composing shots.

In addition, the firmware update features a new function for interval timer shooting with both compatible digital SLR and mirrorless cameras, where users can specify the shooting interval and number of shots on the remote camera to enable automatic shooting, even from a distance.

NX Field Scene from 46th Kisei Go Tournament, Japan | Nikon AustraliaNX Field Scene from 46th Kisei Go Tournament, Japan | Nikon Australia
Photo taken by NX Field
NX Field Remote Shooting Setup at 46th Kisei Go Tournament | Nikon AustraliaNX Field Remote Shooting Setup at 46th Kisei Go Tournament | Nikon Australia
Scene where NX Field is used

(Photos provided by Yomiuri Shimbun)

At the 34th Ryuo Shogi (Japanese Chess) Tournament and the 46th Kisei Go Tournament, Nikon worked with one of the major newspapers in Japan, the Yomiuri Shimbun, to photograph the matches using NX Field. Silent shooting enabled the capture of the most exciting and intense moments in the matches without disruption.

Nikon will continue to provide updates for NX Field [2] to support professional photographers who are active on the frontlines of reporting and capturing decisive moments.

Download Firmware

Activation of the NX Field software will require an additional internal upgrade that will need to be performed at the Nikon Australia Service Centre in Rhodes, Sydney (Service Operated by DCS). This service will incur a small fee.

Find out more about NX Field and how to upgrade here:


[1] WT-7 wireless transmitters must be connected to cameras for use with the Nikon Field system.

[2] Support for the Nikon Z 9 is planned for the future.

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