Remarkable Productivity with The New NX MobileAir

High-speed image delivery and reliability for smooth on-site photography requirements

Sydney, Australia – Nikon Australia introduces the all-new NX MobileAir, a smartphone application that facilitates and streamlines users on-site workflow, which is especially beneficial to photographers shooting  outdoors or for those that have extremely tight deadlines. Providing hassle-free file transfers and high productivity through an expedited and quality rendering of outputs, the app is for users who prioritise efficiency but don’t want to sacrifice quality. Users can also reduce the need for multitasking as the NX MobileAir allows fully automated or manual image transfers to FTP servers with a USB connection between the camera and mobile device, eliminating the disruptive and often laborious task of tending to file transfers mid-shoots.

“Affording users an accelerated workflow, the NX MobileAir is the new go-to for sports and press photographers who face urgent or for those who wish to simplify the process of file transfers and minute editing. With intuitive features and utilising the 4G and 5G networks to upload images to an FTP server, the app streamlines workflows for today’s busy photographers,” said John Young, General Manager, Marketing for Nikon Asia.

NX MobileAir Primary Features


Experience increased productivity

Tap into the smartphone application’s fully automated, quick and reliable, image transfer function that exports users’ photographs from their cameras to their phones with USB connection [1] and registered FTP servers via the mobile network. Enjoy better efficiency with this application that also equips users an auto-straighten option and the ability to automatically add International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) information onto images upon exporting them.

Alternatively, users can export their photographs manually. With this app, photographers can either import protected images when exporting to a smartphone or upload specific images to an FTP server by selecting the preferred images.

Enjoy easy operations

Simplify operations by making use of the app’s import voice memo feature that allows a playback for users who record audio notes through their cameras [2]. As this application supports mobile connectivity, users will not need to carry computers around while shooting or purchase dedicated network accessories like wireless transmitters to be connected to Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, users can improve the quality of their images on-site through NX MobileAir’s quick editing features, making cropping, rotating and straightening images quickly and with ease.


Maximise your efficiency

With the app’s features, users can also opt to manually add IPTC information to specified images or entire albums, which can also be done via voice inputs through the device’s native voice-to-text function and create pre-sets to ease future operations. Additionally, double checking on images and the corresponding information to ensure accuracy can be done efficiently with the application’s image browsing and selection function.

With the app, users can configure the IPTC and FTP settings for each album. This allows users to switch from one album to another during shoots, which can aid in categorisation and create an organised workflow. Registering, importing and exporting up to 50 IPTC and FTP presets can also be done, and users can customise the order and names of each IPTC label. In addition, the NX MobileAir also enables users to upload images to FTP servers in the sequence they were selected.

For further ease of use, the app equips professionals with the option to check status of uploads to FTP servers. Should an error occur during import, NX MobileAir can resume the import once a connection has been re-established.

Finally, users can easily meet professional expectations by ensuring that minimal errors are made in their workflow. The app affords users the capability of locking their smartphones’ screens while keeping the app running which helps prevent any accidental execution of unintended commands.

Workflows don't need to be complicated, simplify it and stay efficient with the NX MobileAir.

  • Supported OS: Android: Version 9 or later | iOS: version 14 or later
  • Supported cameras: Android: Z 9, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 50, D6, D5 | iOS: Z 9

[1] When connecting to an Android-compatible smart device. It is necessary to change the network menu setting when connecting to an iPhone
[2] Available only for selected Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras with the voice note recording function
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The new NX MobileAir will be available in Australia from 2022. For more information on Nikon products, please visit

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