Latest rangefinder technology unveiled with the launch of COOLSHOT PROII STABILISED, COOLSHOT LITE STABILISED and COOLSHOT 50i models.


Sydney, Australia – 20 August 2021 – Nikon Vision Co. Ltd (Nikon Vision), a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation (Nikon), is pleased to announce the release of three new laser rangefinders. Equipped with the latest technology, the COOLSHOT PROII STABILISED, COOLSHOT LITE STABILISED and COOLSHOT 50i models offer brilliant optics, giving golfers unshakable confidence in every shot.  

The COOLSHOT PROII STABILISED lands as Nikon’s newest flagship model and most advanced rangefinder yet.

Measuring up to 450 metres and featuring the STABILISED technology synonymous with its predecessor, COOLSHOT PRO STABILISED, this elevated offering introduces Dual LOCKED ON ECHO Technology to the fairway. Providing golfers with visual and aural cues that confirm when the distance to the flagstick has been measured, the technology successfully measures overlapping subjects before displaying a green LOCKED ON sign in the viewfinder whilst triggering an electronic sound.

COOLSHOT PROII STABILISED, which can be used in all weather conditions, employs four measurement display modes to remove uncertainty around distances during practice and competitions, providing more time for golfers to make strategic decisions on the course and letting players fully focus on each shot.

Golf mode offers slope adjusted distance while actual distance mode ensures compliance for competitive play, allowing golfers to use this product at official competitions. Actual distance and height mode and horizontal distance and height mode are also available, with all four modes accessible with the single press of a button to offer accuracy and convenience in one.




COOLSHOT LITE STABILISED, designed for players of all levels, also measures up to 450 metres and likewise boasts the highly acclaimed STABILISED function to reduce vibration caused by hand movement by approximately 80 percent, ensuring a clear view of the terrain.

Offering simple operability, COOLSHOT LITE STABILISED provides easy measurement of the distance to a flagstick with the LOCKED ON function and two measurement display modes, golf mode and actual distance mode. LOCKED ON successfully measures overlapping subjects, with the distance to the closest subject displayed with a LOCKED ON sign in the viewfinder, while the LED of the Actual Distance Indicator sign blinks in green to inform observers of non-use of the Incline/Decline measurement function when using actual distance mode.

This rangefinder is also rainproof and therefore usable in wet conditions.




COOLSHOT 50i, a new medium-class rangefinder, has been designed with versatility in mind. 
Measuring up to 360 metres and featuring a novel, sporty exterior design, the COOLSHOT 50i is the first Nikon COOLSHOT rangefinder with a magnet built into the side of the body for convenient portability, while a red internal OLED display ensures easy viewing in any situation.

Dual LOCKED ON QUAKE Technology, an evolution of the LOCKED ON Technology, is also a key feature. This new function informs the golfer that the distance to the flagstick has been measured, providing clear notification with visual and tactile confirmation. When measuring overlapping subjects, the distance to the closest subject is displayed with a red LOCKED ON sign in the viewfinder and a simultaneous brief vibration.

The COOLSHOT 50i employs the same two measurement modes as the COOLSHOT LITE STABILISED: a golf mode and an actual distance mode, both helping you to take the most accurate shot.

This rainproof rangefinder can be used in wet weather and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.



Features & Technical Specifications



  • COOLSHOT PROII STABILISED: Available from September 2021
  • COOLSHOT 50i: Available from September 2021

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