Unleash Your Creative Vision and Power with the Mount Adapter FTZ II

Extend your range and pair NIKKOR F mount lenses with your favourite Z Series mirrorless camera

Sydney, Australia – Nikon Australia introduces the Mount Adapter FTZ II, an enhanced second-generation Z mount adapter that boosts expandability and eases operability for Z Series users. Compact and sleek, the new adapter allows photographers to continue using their existing NIKKOR F mount lenses easily with a Nikon Z Series camera.

“The Mount Adapter FTZ II is designed for effective and seamless operability for all Z Series users. The convenient new design allows for quick changing of lenses on tripods or gimbals, along with improved grip for portrait shooting. It further gives our photographers the ability to use over 360 F Mount lenses, all while maintaining superior image quality and performance,” said John Young, General Manager, Marketing for Nikon Asia.


Unlimited room for creativity

Thanks to the sleek design for minimised protrusion, the Mount Adapter FTZ II without the tripod mount allows for easier vertical holding and improved grip with ample room for comfortable finger placement when shooting stunning portraits.

Furthermore, the mount adapter enables users to seamlessly shoot a wider range of scenes for both stills and videos removing the hassle of working with other accessories that complement the creative process. Changing of lenses, even on a tripod, is now less disruptive and smoother, simply switch to another NIKKOR F mount lens without the inconvenience of having to detach or dismount.

Make the most of it

Compatible with approximately over 360 types of NIKKOR F mount lenses, enjoy the effective functionality of the Z series’ in-camera Vibration Reduction (VR) [1] with the Mount Adapter FTZ II that allows you to use your favourite F mount lens while also maintaining AE/AF [2] performance and image quality. For F mount lenses equipped with VR, both the lens and in-camera VR [1] function together to provide compensation in 3-axis directions (pitch, yaw and roll), while for those without VR, the in-camera VR1 functions on its own.

Lightweight functionality

At just approximately 125g, the Mount Adapter FTZ II reduces the overall weight of the entire camera system so that users have the freedom to walk about and shoot a wide variety of scenes with ease. Furthermore, the adapter is designed carefully with dust and drip-resistant performance [3] equivalent to the Z 9, by adopting effective sealing on various parts on the adapter body for enhanced reliability.

[1] Z 50 and Z fc are not equipped with in-camera VR. The Z 9’s Synchro VR is not compatible with NIKKOR F lenses.
[2] AE shooting is possible with approx. 360 types of lenses including AI NIKKOR and those released afterwards. Among them, a total of 94 types or more of AF-P, AF-S and AF-I lenses incorporating motors support AE/AF shooting. Depending on the position and movement of the subject, which affects lens drive, there are various difficulties when focusing. Aperture control may take time and continuous shooting speed may be slower with some lenses.​
[3] The adapter is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations or under all conditions.

The new Mount Adapter FTZ II will be available in Australia from mid-November 2021. For more information on Nikon products, please visit www.nikon.com.au.

Keep the inspiration going

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