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Fabio Oliveira is a photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria, specialising in weddings, portraits, travel, and landscapes.

He was born in Campo Grande, Brazil, a small state capital known for its natural surroundings and landmarks like the Pantanal Forest and sanctuaries like Bonito, where his passion for photography was cultivated. This interest was sparked by his mother's love for family photography and friends' documenting of South American landscapes and lifestyle, introducing him to the world of visual art and the potential for exploring new places and cultures, thus significantly influencing his life path.

After studying finance, Fabio moved to Brasilia, beginning his creative journey while also working in the corporate IT world. Following extensive travel and the establishment of a successful wedding photography business, he and his wife Juliana relocated to Australia to pursue new challenges and build a life together. In Melbourne, Fabio primarily works with businesses in the travel industry, while continuing to document weddings and photograph couples, families, and portraits.

His work has been acknowledged by several brands and published in magazines and tourism boards across the Asia-Pacific region. A notable recent achievement was becoming a Nikon Z Creator. After testing the Nikon Z9 in a travel campaign, he decided to switch his digital gear to Nikon Z. Being entrusted by Nikon to be one of their official creators was a significant honour.

Why Nikon?

Nikon cameras are renowned for their outstanding reliability. Historically, Nikon has been one of the most influential camera brands worldwide. Its impact was particularly felt in the 1960s with the launch of the Nikon F, which significantly disrupted the market dominance of Leica & Zeiss, establishing Nikon's status as a legendary camera brand. But Nikon's innovation didn't stop there.

When I began shooting weddings in 2012, I had the pleasure of using the Nikon D700 and D800. I immediately noticed a marked difference in the sharpness of my work. The sense of trust I felt for these cameras was undeniable. As the market transitioned towards mirrorless technology, numerous other brands emerged. I eagerly awaited Nikon's response, anticipating cameras that would combine reliable technology with cutting-edge features.

Now, as a satisfied owner of the Nikon Z8 and looking forward to using the Nikon Zf, I can confidently say that Nikon did it again. The specifications of these cameras are leading the market and pushing competitors to match their performance. This competition is precisely what the industry needs.

In conclusion, the initial versions of these cameras are so impressive that I can't help but wonder what their second-generation models will bring to the table. I'm particularly interested in the future of Nikon's video features, such as possible enhancements in audio capture and the potential introduction of a cine lens lineup. Paired with the exceptional N-log files, I foresee a bright future for Nikon.

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