Shedding new light on healthcare.

Since its establishment in 1917, Nikon has been focusing on developing optical technologies to harness the power of light.

The Nikon Microscope Solutions Unit belongs to the Nikon Corporation Healthcare Business Unit whose mission is to advance healthcare and provide a better quality of life, through a century of expertise in optical technology.


Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the expansion of the Australian subsidiary with addition of the Healthcare Business Unit, focusing on the microscopy market across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.


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Improving on perfection.

Introducing the Nikon AX/AX R Confocal Microscope System, our 10th generation point scanning confocal, giving you more of everything: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), expanding the number of colors, improving pixel density, sensitivity and speed.

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Look into the future.

The ECLIPSE Ei educational microscope offers unique digital and design solutions to ensure the smooth progress of your courses. Using the ECLIPSE Ei to foster your students’ curiosity and maintain their enthusiasm for learning, you can unlock their potential and open their eyes to the world around them.

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Focus in comfort.

Nikon has designed the ECLIPSE Si to meet the rigorous demands of professionals who spend hours using the microscope. The ECLIPSE Si is ergonomically designed to enhance operational efficiency. This powerful instrument helps you stay focused for longer by reducing strain on the body.

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See more than before.

The ECLIPSE Ti2 inverted microscope delivers an unparalleled 25mm field of view (FOV) that revolutionizes the way you see. With this incredible FOV, the Ti2 maximizes the sensor area of large-format CMOS cameras without making compromises, and significantly improves data throughput.

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See the evolution.

ECLIPSE Ni-E, Nikon's top-of-the-line motorized upright microscope, was developed to meet the increasing demands for sophistication and automation of research. ECLIPSE Ni-E boasts flexible system expandability and supports a broad range of advanced research applications.

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A brand new era in super resolution.

The N-SIM S Super Resolution Microscope is a unique high-speed structured illumination system that achieves acquisition speeds of up to 15 fps, enabling fast biological processes to be captured at twice the spatial resolution of conventional light microscopes (up to 115nm in XY).

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Tenfold increased resolution in x, y and z.

STochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) reconstructs a super-resolution fluorescence image by combining precise localization information for individual fluorophores in complex fluorescent specimens.

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Software Solutions

NIS-Elements Software

NIS-Elements is the total imaging solution for your research

The Nikon NIS-Elements platform is an investment that addresses ever-changing protocols, new technology and system components. With NIS-Elements’ upgradability and ease in training and navigation, you create a resource that can be passed on through generations of your laboratory and research transitions.

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