Liam Fawell. Travel.


Liam and his cameras have strolled in and out of airports to festivals, beaches, parties and shoot sets while producing social and editorial content for brands both locally and internationally renowned. Moving effortlessly between capturing motion and stills, he brings ideas to life visually through several different mediums.

Growing up on the West Coast of Australia in Perth, he’s been heavily influenced by natural landscapes from an early age. Drawn to natural light, he has an affinity for minimalistic surroundings where the subjects and landscapes evoke a sense of dreaminess. Capturing the emotion of a moment that looks and feels authentic, inspires him to create a body of work that feels timeless.

Liam has hosted multiple group exhibitions and film screenings and recently just released his first self published book in December 2023. Working in the fashion, lifestyle and music industries, he continues to push boundaries creating content in collaboration with others to create meaningful and impactful art.

Working alongside Nikon as a creator for the past 2 years, Liam has hosted workshops and retreats sharing industry knowledge and teaching others about life behind the lens. 


Why Nikon?

At 15, I stumbled upon my Dad’s Nikon D90. I started shooting everything with it and fell in love with the camera. I haven’t look back since. The gear has always been the perfect tool to bring my vision to life. It’s been a dream come true to have the opportunity to work alongside the brand that started my career. Always was, and always will be a Nikon shooter.

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